The “New” GPS??

Greenway Property Services

Welcome to our new website!

We’re proud of this example of our progress over the past year with our corporate up-grade initiative. In addition, we have re-designed our logo into two (2) forms: 

  • The full logo you’ll see above which you see on our trucks, equipment, and employee uniforms. 
  • The “circle G” logo will appear in a number of places, still being determined. 

We are excited to have this new, updated, colorful representation of our company and its quality work. Feel free to let us know what you think. 

They also represent the changes we have made over the last year, specifically: 

Greenway Property Services (GPS) has been through an exciting evolution. We have always believed in establishing long-term relationships with our clients and believe the changes we’re making will support our ability to continue to, along with the dramatic growth our new vision dictates, namely, CREATING A MORE BEAUTIFUL AMERICA, ONE LANDSCAPE AT A TIME!

  • We’ve expanded and deepened our management team to ensure that you continue to receive our excellent service while we initiate our growth plans. 
  • We have streamlined and modernized our already leading-edge equipment
  • We will continue to serve our extensive list of existing municipal clients, especially using our specialized capabilities for athletic field construction and maintenance.  
  • We are re-introducing ourselves and our services into markets we have served historically, specifically, office parks, corporate campuses, and golf courses. 
  • We are constantly expanding our ESG focus, with electric leaf blowers and electric vehicles. We already recycle our landscape waste into mulch. 
  • All the above will be accomplished while maintaining our constant focus on SAFETY and top-quality service to you, efficiently and professionally. 

Come meet (or re-meet) GPS. Contact us at 203-569-2942 for a free survey and estimate of services.