Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Commercial Property

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Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Commercial Property

September 20, 2022

Maintenance and landscaping for commercial properties are crucial all year-round, but especially during the fall season. Once autumn rolls around, the leaves will start to change color and fall to the ground, the air will get crisper, and plants will begin their preparation for winter. This time of year, your commercial property will need some extra care and attention to ensure it’s ready for the major change in weather, so make sure it’s a priority. 

From the Greenway Property Services landscaping experts, here are a few important tasks that should always be on your commercial property maintenance checklist when fall arrives:

Clean Up The Leaves

The biggest fall chore of them all: leaf cleanup. Even leaves from a few small trees can pile up and create an eye sore, so it’s important to get them all picked up and properly disposed of. Any other sticks, branches, and debris should also be picked up and removed. 

Replace The Mulch

If you have mulch in your garden beds and around your plants, fall is the best time to replace it. Fresh mulch will improve the soil, prevent weed growth, and help keep your plant life hydrated and healthy as the weather changes. 

Care For The Plants

Trees, shrubs, and plants are an important part of any commercial property as they add beauty and dimension and hide all the necessary tubing, sprinklers, and other structures that help keep your building running. To ensure they all grow strong and healthy when spring rolls back around, be sure to trim and prune back your trees and shrubs to remove any dead or diseased branches that could impact growth and continue properly watering them.

Prepare The Lawn

Grass needs extra attention to prepare for the approaching harsh weather. Fall is the ideal time to aerate the lawn to lessen the impacts of soil compaction, which occurs during the winter months. After aerating, thicken the grass by overseeding and follow it with a proper fertilizer. If there is artificial turf, this season is the best time to give it a good cleaning. 

Get Rid of Weeds

You won’t want your employees or guests to have to look at pesky weeds on your property. Survey the lawn and the cracks between any pathways for signs of weeds. Then spray with a killer or remove them as needed to prevent them from growing and damaging your lawn and plants. 

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For over 75 years, Greenway Property Services has been the go-to commercial landscape contractor for clients in Connecticut, Westchester County, and Long Island. We specialize in expert and detailed landscaping to ensure your property looks spectacular during the fall season and all year round. We pride ourselves on completing every job on time while staying within budget.

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