5 Ways to Enhance Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal

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A beautiful commercial landscape with fountains, trees, and flowers next to a building

5 Ways to Enhance Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal

July 20, 2022

When discussing curb appeal, most people will think of residential properties. Still, curb appeal is also important for any business or facility property. Did you know that a well-maintained and attractive property can help boost business sales, increase employee happiness, and keep your visitors safe? 

So, be sure not to overlook the appearance of your commercial property and make curb appeal a priority!

From the commercial landscaping and maintenance team at Greenway Property Services, here are a few tips to enhance the curb appeal of your commercial property:

Invest in Landscaping

Beautiful landscaping is one of the most important aspects of curb appeal; after all, a beautiful outside attracts more people to come inside your property. Some commercial properties have limited opportunities to boost the look of the landscape, but you should always maximize what you do have. Keep your lawn trimmed and neat. Add layers with trees, bushes, flowers, or other landscaping elements like boulders, rocks, and water features to catch attention and create a welcoming environment. 

Brighten and Clean the Exterior

Your building’s exterior may be dirtier than you realize. Give the outside of your building the deep clean it desperately needs, paying close attention to the roof, gutters, walls, windows, stains, and any other areas that are catching the eye for the wrong reasons. Once you have a clean surface, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint for new vitality. Try using bright, crisp colors and contrast with different accents and trims for a professional look.  

Pay Close Attention to The Walkways and Parking Lot

A pot-hole-ridden parking lot and walkways littered with cracks don’t make a great first impression. And, they’re more than unsightly; they’re also dangerous and can be a liability. You want visitors to get out of their cars and indoors without any issues, so if your walkways or parking lot needs holes filled, seal coating, or a total replacement, make it a priority!  

Add Additional Lighting

Any good-looking property during the day should also look good at night. All entranceways, walkways, and the parking lot, should have bright lights to keep everyone safe and your property looking pristine and attractive; a well-lit building is always more approachable. Consider adding other lighting fixtures as well to create dimension and highlight certain areas of your property.  

Create a Welcoming Environment

Overall, one of your top goals for your commercial property is to make it look welcoming. Do this by making sure any necessary signs are visible, clean, and up-to-date at all times. Also, pay particular attention to the front entrance space and ensure it’s always looking its best with regular cleanings and friendly decor.  

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